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When searching for inns in Savannah, you can not make a better choice than the Foley House inn. If you are a regular hotel visitor, experience the difference that the Foley House Inn can deliver… specifically the Foley House Inn. When you are selecting your lodging or accommodations , remember hotels do not have the personalized attention, hotels do not have the unique environment, hotels do not have the gourmet breakfasts, hotels do not have that feeling of intimacy and exclusivity that inns in Savannah can provide. Hotels do not have the in-depth knowledge of Savannah activities that our Bed and breakfast can deliver. Treat yourself and experience the accommodations difference between an hotel and a inns in Savannah.

Inns in SavannahChoosing the Foley House Inn for inns in Savannah over an hotel means that from the moment that you arrive you’ll be receiving attentive, personalized service that you can only receive from bed and breakfasts. There are many Savvannah hotels and resorts, but if you want to be known by name instead of room number, then the Foley House Inn will help you to redefine exactly what it means to relax and catch your breath in Savannah.

Other inns in Savannah will claim to have the best staff but call us and find out who can meet all of your needs. We can. Visitors choose to vacation at inns in Savannah, Georgia for myriad reasons due to broad array of activities available to the visitor. Whether you’re visiting Savannah in order to unwind in the warm sun, to investigate the inspiring energy vortexes that make the area a romantic mecca, for the vibrant art gallery scene and Southern flavor or  for the myriad of outdoor Savannah activities or to rediscover romance and tranquility, you’ll make the most of it here at the Foley House Inn. Browse our site – you’ll find detailed information on our lodging rates, plus how to get special discounts, in-depth details on each room, and more information on all Savannah activities than any of the other inns in Savannah can provide. Creating the best Savannah Bed and Breakfast vacation possible!

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