Haunted Savannah

Haunted Savannah, Georgia is considered by many to be the top haunted destination for tourists east of the Mississippi. Nearly every building in the Historic District has a ghost story associated with it. But among all that haunted activity, what are the locations which report the most frequent brushes with the paranormal? Let us help you discover it all with our Haunted Savannah Package.

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Local experts and insider sources will share their top haunted spots, and even relate a few of their own experiences. Haunted Savannah history is filled with plagues, wars, duels, and murders. It is no wonder every site in Savannah has a haunted story to tell! the cemeteries and through the beautiful streets of the Historic and Victorian districts. Hear of the spirits and ghost that are believed to haunt Savannah. You will see striking buildings where strange energies linger and you will hear the dark stories of the cities past on a potential paranormal journey you will never forget.

Whether you’re just curious or haunted to get to the truth, Haunted Savannah ghost tours—which can be packaged with your room reservation at an authentic Savannah haunted inn—are an intriguing and unique adventure.

Savannah is a unique destination. It embodies traditional Southern hospitality and charm, but also revels in its rough-and-tumble—and sometimes eerie—past. Savannah was a battleground during the American Revolution; was captured by Sherman during the Civil War; and has weathered hurricanes, fires, and two devastating outbreaks of yellow fever. Established on the Savannah River, the city had an early population of colonists, slaves, voodooists, sailors, traders, and pirates with unique social and religious beliefs. These elements combined make a fitting backdrop for ghost tales and unexplained phenomenon.

Savannah has a graceful elegance replete with historic charm, friendly denizens, succulent southern comfort food and warm Georgia weather. But peer behind the curtains of Spanish moss dripping from any stately live oak and you’ll find a veritable ghost town, whether on the slanted sidewalks framing the Gothic Revival architecture, the hallways of a haunted bed-and-breakfast, or in Savannah’s spirited cemetery.

Haunted Savannah Bed and Breakfast